Hoevel is a leading manufacturer of products to improve the speed and quality of doing stained glass, leaded glass and foil stained glass.  We’ve been in existence for over forty years and our products still working in the glass studio’s can attest to this fact.

Our products include:

  • Diegel Foiler – foiling machine to assist the application of copper foil to glass.  The machine centers the foil while taking of the paper backing on the foil.  This foiler will reduce the time to foil by half.
  • Kwik-Clean – flux and patina cleaner.  After soldering your project, just spray on and wipe off Kwik-Clean.  It will easily clean off paste to liquid flux.  No need for additional washing.  Kwik-Clean will neutralize any remaining flux or patina.
  • Kwik-Crimp Burnisher –  tightly seal the copper foil to the glass.  The Kwik-Crimp burnishes both sides of the foil at the same time.  This will greatly save time in foiling.
  • Color Magic Glass Paints – A non-firing permanent glass/metal paint.  We have 36 colors of transparent and opaque colors.  Paint it on and let it cure for 24-hours for a permanent paint.

The Hoevel product line has gone through many name changes over the years. However, quality products for the stained glass industry were the primary goals of our founder, Herle Diegel. Mr. Diegel invented the ‘Diegel Foiler’ in the late 1970s. It was then, as it is now, the leading foil machine in the industry.
At that time, Herle Diegel also invented the Kwik-Crimp. This tool has never met a challenge in the industry.
It is still the best crimper. The Kwik-Crimp is also very popular in Europe even with difficulties pronouncing the compete name! They call it just ‘Kwickie’,
Hoevel Manufacturing has acquired the Diegel Products and has developed other quality products for the stained glass industry. Hoevel Manufacturing is a growing company in revenue and products. Look for at least one innovate, quality product to make your stained glass projects easier to make.