Diegel Foiler

The Diegel foiler is the leading foiler in the stained glass industry. Constructed of durable plastic and Brass components, the Diegel foiler is the only foiler in the industry with a lifetime warranty and parts and workmanship.

What makes our foiler the best?  Our Guide Pin allows you to perfectly center or off-center the foil every time.

The reels lock in place so they will consistently turn at an even rate.  Allowing the foil to be evenly dispensed.

Rubber Nuts on the reels make the tension to be perfect each time and the Reels will never ‘take-off’ while dispensing the foil.

While you foil, the Peel-off-Blade will remove the paper backing from the foil and move it away from your work space.


Use every size foil in the industry.

Competitors can’t come close, they use only three different sizes while the industry has over 10 different sizes.  Why have a tool you can only use sometimes.  We even have rollers for 1/2 inch foil.  Other foilers only allow you to foil in 3 sizes.  We allow your creativity to expand by having the capability to use 10 sizes of foil.

We even use New Wave Foil by Venture Tape.  Because our foiler will off-center, you can put more foil on the scallop side when applying the tape.
Guide Pin allows off-centering.

Only the Diegel Foiler will off-center the foil.  This is important if your foiling BEVELS.  You’ll want more foil on the back side to line up correctly with the front side.

Guide Pin allows foiling of extreme Ripple Glass.
The only foiler that can foil Ripple glass.  The smoother side must be toward the guide pin.  Set the Guide Pin so that there will be more foil to cover the ripples. The Diegel foiler can also be used using Venture’s New Wave Foil. It can be used for every foil project that you can think of.